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Web Hosting

The Catalyst Pro Web Host allows you to view graphic displays, trend data and alarm messages, change schedules and setpoints, and even access terminal mode through a remote computer using only Internet Explorer.

No special software or setup is required and it could not possibly be any easier!

  • Set up your sites, graphic displays, etc. just as you would for a single-user local work station
  • Go to the "Program Options" screen of Catalyst Pro and turn on the WebHostEnabled option

  • Make sure the users you want to access the Web Host have permission:
  • Restart Catalyst Pro
  • You are done!

Now your users can access all their graphics, schedules, etc. from anywhere on the network or from anywhere on earth using Internet Explorer by typing the IP address of the Catalyst Pro computer in to the Internet Explorer address bar:


  • You do not need Catalyst Pro installed on the remote computer. Only one copy of Catalyst Pro connected to the panels is required.
  • If you are using the web-enabled meters and gauges or the remote user wants to access terminal mode, they will have to download and install the ActiveX controls on their computer. These ActiveX controls are available at no charge from the Download page.
  • Accessing terminal mode requires that the Telnet options be set in the Catalyst Pro driver. Connect to the site and select "Debug Mode" from the "Help" menu to set these options.
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