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Revision History

This section lists changes made to Catalyst Pro.

Catalyst Pro V1.60
Wednesday August 18th, 2004

  • LonWorks support. All standard LonWorks devices and networks can now be accessed using the Echelon OpenLDV Installer available free of charge at All points on all devices may be automatically discovered by editing the Control Point database and selecting "Import Points" from the right-click menu. There are no royalties, tickets or extra charges of any kind for LonWorks support
  • Runtime Accumulation. When left running and connected, Catalyst Pro will accumulate runtime hours for a specified list of points, printing or emailing alarm messages when a limit is exceeded. Printed reports or export files may also be generated daily, weekly or monthly. This feature is supported with all drivers but was not designed for the Andover panels since they already provide a more efficient way to collect runtime
  • Auto Trend Collection. When left running and connected, Catalyst Pro will accumulate trending data for a specified list of points. Trends can then be created to graphically view the saved data. Trend data may also be automatically exported to HTM or CSV files daily, weekly or monthly. This feature is supported with all drivers but was not designed for the Andover panels since they already provide a more efficient way to collect trend data
  • Point Alarms. When left running and connected, Catalyst Pro will monitor a specified list of points for alarm conditions. Each alarm may be customized and two points may be used for advanced alarm conditions (for example a fan output and an airflow sensor). This feature is supported with all drivers but was not designed for the Andover panels since they already provide a more efficient way to process alarms.
  • Added a "Sort by Address" and "Sort by Description" option to the point database right-click menu to re-sort the database
  • Added an "Add to Tab..." option to the point database right-click menu. This allows adding all points that contain a particular search string to a tab. This greatly simplifies adding all points from a device to a custom tab
  • Added an "AlarmComPort" to the "Program Options". This allows remote devices to dial-in to Catalyst Pro and submit alarm messages
Note: If you are upgrading from a previous version, you will need to manually edit the main menu in the "Program Options" (advanced users) or add buttons to one of the tool bars to access the new AutoTrending and Runtime features. The Point Alarms configuration is accessed through the "View Alarms" menu selection.
Catalyst Pro V1.50
Monday March 9th, 2004

  • The Web Host now supports multiple users, limited only by the hardware Catalyst Pro is running on
  • New Tree View of all database items
  • Double-click (or right-click) points in the Tree View to disable or modify values
  • Double-click (or right-click) forms in the Tree View to display them
  • Drag and Drop items from the Tree View on edited forms to automatically link to other forms or place components
  • Simplified Display editor. The Component Palette and Object Inspector are hidden as a default. Change the "Program Options" if you prefer them to always be visible
  • More modern look with new set of icons (see screenshot)
  • Added text import/export to point database
Catalyst Pro V1.40
Monday March 31st, 2003

  • Catalyst Pro now uses a hardware key for authorization. See the Download page for more information
  • New set of web-enabled graphic controls. The old set of controls has been removed from the palette. Your existing displays will still work but the old controls are not available for use on new displays. The new controls have fewer and more organized properties for easier use and automatically scale when you resize them
  • Added a library of over 4,000 graphic symbols. Press F2 while editing a graphic and then drag-and-drop them on to your display
  • Enhanced the functionality of the OPC driver to support Trending and Alarms. See the Drivers page for more information
  • Many of the more technical Windows components have been removed from the display palette in order to make Catalyst Pro easier to use
  • Added a "Tip of the Day" screen to the main program and the form editor that give helpful hints about features that may not be obvious. Both or either of them can be disabled. You can add custom tips for your users if you wish by editing the "Tips.Ini" file in the main Catalyst folder
  • Added enhanced alarm support for the Continuum/Infinity. Alarms can now be sent by using the function "CatAlarmStore("A2Zone1 is out of range.")" in your panel programs. Alarms are buffered even when Catalyst is not connected. See "Alarm Programming" in the help file for more information
  • Improved support for Continuum array points
  • You can now manually add "enable state" points to the Continuum/Infinity point database. For example, the point address "Panel1 Fan1 enable" will show the enable/disable state of Fan1. Use these points with any of the built-in controls that accept digital points
  • Added an option to the Program Options screen to have the point database sorted by address rather than by description. This is a global option for all sites
  • The "Object Inspector" of the display editor now automatically collapses the "Other" branch of properties. These properties are for advanced users and the sheer number of visible properties could be overwhelming to some users. Disable the "ShowCategories" option in the Program Options screen if you wish to see all the properties at all times
  • Minor bug fixes and timing issues resolved
Catalyst Pro V1.31
Monday January 6th, 2003

  • Two new drivers are available; ModBus and Intelligent Lighting Controls (Reliant Relay Co.). They are both included in the trial version
  • The older "Andover AC256" and "Andover Infinity" drivers have been disabled. All new and existing Andover sites will now automatically use the newer "Andover Controls" driver. If you are using remote drivers you will need to install the "Andover Controls" driver on the remote machines. See the V1.30 release notes below for more information on the new driver features
  • Alarm polling time for the Infinity/Continuum has been lowered from 60 seconds to 10 seconds. Alarms should now be logged much faster
  • Rewrote the AC256/AC8 backup and reload functions. They are now much more reliable and less prone to bad reload blocks at higher baud rates
  • Added two new script commands. Use SiteTrendCollect(SiteName, TrendFile) to read trend data from the site and SiteTrendConvert(SiteName, TrendFile, 'C:\Data\MyTrendData.Htm') to convert the most recent trend data to an HTML table that can be imported in to Excel or viewed in a browser. Both functions return TRUE if successful
  • A few minor bugs and timing issues have been resolved
Catalyst Pro V1.30
Monday November 4th, 2002

  • Added a built-in web host. You can now view graphics, schedules, trends, alarms etc. through Internet Explorer. VT-220 Terminal mode is also supported within the browser. See the help file for more information. Pay special attention to the "Important Note" about converting schedules to work with the web host
  • A new "Andover Controls" driver is included. It combines the older Infinity and AC256 drivers in to a single driver and adds several new terminal mode features including printing, file capture and transmit, keyboard macros, Keystroke Recall and Variable Watch. See the drivers help file for details
  • A new "UnitSelector" component has been added that greatly simplifies creating graphic displays for multiple identical systems such as AHU's or VAV boxes. See the FAQ section of the help file for details on how to use it
  • A new "ReportGrid" component has been added that simplifies displaying point values on graphic displays. Graphic displays with basic information can now be created in a few seconds. See the FAQ section of the help file for details on how to use it
  • Added a "Search and Replace" function to the "Components | Edit Point Links" menu selection when editing a graphic display. This allows you to reuse graphic displays and quickly change the point names without reselecting them manually
  • The help file has been updated to reflect the changes in V1.30 and a new FAQ section was added with information on using some of the more complex graphic display components
  • You can now press [Enter] to select points from the database when editing graphic displays. You no longer have to click the "Select" button with your mouse
  • The point database now remembers what tab you picked the last point from and will default to it when you go to select another point
  • Some problems with the way trends were displayed and exported have been fixed
  • A few minor bug fixes and timing issues resolved
Catalyst Pro V1.20
Monday July 22nd, 2002

  • Full VT-220 support added to the Andover Infinity Driver. See your Infinity manual for the keystrokes and their function
  • An option has been added to the user database to prevent individual users from accessing debug mode
  • A list of all open forms has been added to the main menu to simplify viewing several forms at once
  • Fixed a problem which could cause the RS-232 based drivers to crash if left running for long periods of time
  • A new property called AlwaysMaximize has been added to forms. It forces the form to always maximize itself when opened
  • Other minor bug fixes and timing issues resolved
Catalyst Pro V1.10
Monday March 11th, 2002

  • Support for the AC256/AC8 panels (V1.0b, public beta version.) This driver is free to all licensed users. It will also function in the trial version
  • Support for reading and writing points from any device via an OPC server (V1.0b, Public beta version.) The OPC driver requires a separate license but will function in the trial version. If you wish to test it in your registered copy of Catalyst Pro you will need to call and get a free temporary license code
  • An important fix for a bug which under some conditions could set an Infinity digital output to 1 instead of ON. This could have the effect of pulsing the output for one second instead of turning it on. This is only possible when a user manually modifies a digital output. This problem should only occur rarely, but all users should still be updated to V1.10
  • Several minor bug fixes and timing issues resolved
Catalyst Pro V1.03
Tuesday February 5th, 2002

  • Added support for connecting to OPC servers
  • Added font, color and copy/paste support to the Infinity debug (terminal) mode
  • Fixed a memory leak in the Infinity/Continuum driver
  • Added panel selection to the Infinity/Continuum backup function
  • Added a "CloseForm" option to the "ActionButton" component
  • Optimized and enhanced the compatibility of the Infinity/Continuum driver
Catalyst Pro V1.02
Wednesday, December 12th, 2001

  • Implemented demonstration mode with sample graphic displays
  • Added a Strip Chart component for graphic displays
  • Added .WMF import support for the Symbol Factory from Software Toolbox. (
Catalyst Pro V1.02
Wednesday, November 28th, 2001

  • Implemented Event Scheduler for automated Site memory backup and trend data collection
  • Revised user login screen
  • Optimized Site memory backup and restore functions
  • Posted full manual in .PDF format
Catalyst Pro V1.02
Tuesday, October 2nd, 2001

  • Catalyst Pro v1.0 for Andover Infinity/Continuum is released
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