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Infinity/Continuum QuickLoad

It may not be immediately obvious, but Catalyst Pro supports a "QuickLoad" feature for the Continuum/Infinity panels. The QuickLoad feature loads a small program in to the panel that dramatically speeds the updating of graphic displays.

Up to 60 points can be updated in as little as 3-5 seconds at 9600 baud, depending on the scan time of the controller and the number of points it has to read from a different panel on the network. Each graphic display can have up to 10 sets of 60 points using the QuickLoad feature.

To enable QuickLoad for a graphic display, edit the form, right-click on it and select "Form|QuickLoad"

After the QuickLoad program has been sent, save the display and go back to "View Mode". The entire display should now fill in within a few seconds.

There is no limit in Catalyst Pro to the number of displays that can use QuickLoad, but each one of them uses a small amount of the panels memory.

Important note:

It is recommended that the default name the program suggests for the QuickLoad program be used. If it is changed to the same name as another object in the panel, such as a panel name or point, the QuickLoad program will overwrite that object, causing improper operation of the panel.
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