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CSS Upgrade
Upgrading to Catalyst Pro from Control System Supervisor (CSS)

Reasons to Upgrade

  • Much faster Continuum/Infinity graphic updates
  • Multiple users can access the panel simultaneously
  • Points from other manufactures hardware can be integrated in to your displays
  • The panels can be accessed from other computers on the network or over the internet
  • Connect to multiple panels simultaneously

Differences and Changes Necessary to Upgrade from CSS to Catalyst Pro

  • Graphic Displays - The background pictures can be used as-is. The points will have to be put back on the displays manually. There are a couple of rarely used CSS components that do not have direct replacements in Catalyst Pro.
  • Point Database - The point databases are not compatible. Catalyst Pro has a fully functional point import feature (from a backup file) so this should not be much of an issue.
  • Schedules - The schedules will have to be recreated. This is a very simple process but they are somewhat different in the way they work. The Continuum/Infinity schedules will require a small change in the panel programming. The AC256/AC8 schedules should not require any programming changes.
  • Trends - Trends will have to be reconfigured but this is also a simple process. The CSS historical data you have on disk cannot be imported in to Catalyst Pro.
  • Alarms - Alarms are fully compatible between CSS and Catalyst Pro. Catalyst Pro V1.40 and above includes a better Continuum/Infinity alarm system that you can use, but it is not required.
  • Scripts - The script files written for CSS are not directly compatible with Catalyst Pro. CSS used "Visual Basic for Applications", Catalyst Pro uses "Visual Basic Scripting". While there are some differences between the two, the languages are generally the same and converting the basic commands should not be too difficult. The built-in CSS commands (e.g. CSSCollectHistory) are all completely different in Catalyst Pro, and a few commands do not have direct equivalents because of the multi-user functionality of Catalyst Pro.
Any computer than runs CSS should be able to run Catalyst Pro as long as it uses Windows 95 or above. Performance on older machines will depend on the number and complexity of graphic displays used.
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