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APT Revision History
V2.02 - Wednesday April 21st, 2004
  • The elusive problem in which APT would fail to start on some Windows 95/98 installs has been fixed. 
  • Printing of the terminal screen now prints as a screen-shot rather than as 25 lines of text. This was done because some printers do not print the upper ASCII characters needed for the Infinity/Continuum VT220 mode.
  • Added a "Print" button to the History Chart and Variable Watch screens.
  • All printed screens include the current date and time in the caption bar when printed.

V2.01 - Friday April 25th, 2003
  • Adjusted the timing of the Transmit File function when using "Sync to Command Prompt". It should now work faster and recognize the "=" of the comment line when transmitting drum files in the AC256/AC8.
  • Added support for pressing F1 to view the help in the options and setup screens. 
  • Fixed a problem where it would sometimes find a panel at "Baud 0" when searching for the panel baud rate.
  • The Telnet Port now properly defaults to "23" when creating a new site.
  • Added a "Cancel" button to abort modem dialing.
  • Made changes that may fix the problems a few users have had running it on some versions of Windows 98.
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